Our Methodology

Taxation Services

Clients expect current and accurate tax information to enhance their income and minimize their tax liability. Clients want a clear understanding of the impact tax laws may have in the achievement of their financial goals, present and future. Clients want to know how they can best utilize the tax laws to their advantage. Responding to complex tax issues is not uncommon. A comprehensive research library provides quick access to the latest tax laws, regulations, rulings and opinions from state and federal tax authorities. Determination of the most appropriate tax position can be promptly evaluated and intelligently acted upon. Whether a client's objective is accumulating wealth, preserving and protecting income, or transferring property through an estate plan, current tax laws should be considered when deciding among alternatives.

Financial Services

Fulfilling responsibilities, commitments and acting upon one's dreams often require professional assistance. Finding objective information to evaluate and select among many complex financial alternatives can be an overwhelming task. A commitment to the following five step process ensures that client objectivity remains paramount:

  • Reviewing Client Financial Profile,
  • Identification of Goals,
  • Evaluating Alternatives & Recommendations,
  • Implementing Decisions,
  • Annual Review and Revision as Needed.