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My1040Data is available for individuals who prefer to have their Federal, State and Local income tax returns professionally prepared by our firm. 


My1040Data is our online tax organizer that will forever change the way you submit your tax data. You will be guided through a streamlined tax interview process that is more intuitive and less time consuming than completing the traditional paper organizer, and you will appreciate the following benefits:

  • A secure, browser-based tax interview, saves you time and effort.
  • An organized interview format ensures important information is not overlooked.
  • Intuitive screens guide you through the interview process quickly and easily.
  • You only answer sections of Tax Notebook relevant to your tax situation.
  • Monitors your progress of completed and uncompleted sections.
  • Allows you to print a report of your information for your own records.

To access your My1040Data:

Click the My1040Data icon shown above or on the left column of the Home page. 

A unique User ID and Password is required.  Please click below if you need a User ID and Password.

 Request a UserID and Password: Email Me

Please contact my office, if you have any further problems.

Once you have completed your My1040Data your tax information will be reviewed and validated for completeness and accuracy by our firm.  A follow-up interview may be conducted to clarify and correct your information, secure missing information and suggest any tax beneficial alternatives.  After a  final, line by line,  review your  returns are prepared for electronic filing and mailed to you.  



Problem Accessing My1040Data?


If you are encountering problems accessing your My1040Data, please note the following requirements:

User ID and Password are case sensitive

Next Check the following:

Fixing the first two normally resolves all problems. To determine your Internet Browser Version: If still unsuccessful, call me and I will send you a paper organizer

1. must be a trusted site 

       Open Internet Explorer

       Click Tools

       Select Internet Options

       Select Security Tab

       Select Trusted Sites        

       Select Default level and set to medium or low

       Select Sites and Add this web site:

       Click OK (twice)

2. All Pop-up Blockers must be turned off/disabled.

        You may have multiple pop-up blockers; one associated with each tool bar.

        For Internet Explorer click Tools

        Select Pop-Up Blocker

        Select Pop-Up Blocker Settings

        Type in the Add Box

        Click Add

        Click Close

        You may also need to Select the Turn-off Pop-Up Blocker Setting

        If you have Google or Yahoo Toolbars you will have to turn their Pop-Up Blockers off.

        There should be an Icon on the respective toolbar to click that will disable the Pop-Up Blocker.

3. Your Internet Browser must be either:  

       Internet Explorer 10.0 or higher

       Google Chrome

       Safari for Mac


        Launch Internet Explorer

        Click Help

        Click About Internet Explorer

        A box will open with the Version #

4.   Check Other Internet Browser Settings

Open Internet Explorer

          Click Tools

         Select Internet Options

A: Select Privacy Tab and Set to medium or below

B: Select Security Tab and Select Internet Web Content Zone

Click Default level and Set to medium or below

Click Custom level and Check the Following:

Cookies must be Enabled. 

ActiveX controls must be Enabled 

JAVAScript must be Enabled

Click OK (twice)

Select Internet Options



Right Click on your Internet Explorer Icon

Click on Clear History

Select OK

Click Delete Files

Select Delete All Offline Content

Click OK (twice)


5.   Login to My1040Data

 Goto my web-site

Click My1040Data Icon

Enter User ID:

Enter Password:

Remember: User ID and Password are case sensitive